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The documentation of ARToolKit tells that --

Users can now choose between rear (main) and front cameras, on devices which have more than one camera, and additionally, can request different resolution image data from the cameras. Configuration of these options is performed by use of named parameters to the arVideoOpen() function (in the -start method of the ARViewController class). See http://www.artoolworks.com/support/library/Configuring_video_capture_in_ARToolKit_Professional#AR_VIDEO_DEVICE_IPHONE for allowable options.

But inside the arVideoOpen() function I can't find the variable where I can set the front camera on condition that the user is using iPhone or iPod 4.

Please help!

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Options for camera control are specified via a video configuration string, which is then passed to arVideoOpen() call. E.g. to choose the front camera:


You can combine options by separating with a space, e.g. to change to the 480p preset, and use the rear camera.

arVideoOpen("-preset=480p -position=rear");
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Thanks Bleater! –  Anindya Sengupta Jun 27 '12 at 15:23

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