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I found this piece of code in the Phoronix Test Suite:

$os_packages_to_install = explode(' ', implode(' ', $os_packages_to_install));

I've seen it before and I don't see it's point. What does it do?

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it will return an array but the difference with $os_packages_to_install is that if a value of $os_packages_to_install contains a space, it will also be splited.


["hjk jklj","jmmj","hl mh","hlm"]

inplode gives:

"hjk jklj jmmj hl mh hlm

explode again will give:

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And the array will be re-indexed, as others pointed out below. – f.ardelian Jul 7 '11 at 7:34

A google search of the line came up with this:

Rebuild the array index since some OS package XML tags provide multiple package names in a single string

Basically, it's because the original array might look like this:

$os_packages_to_install = array(
  'package2 package3'

When it needs to look like this:

$os_packages_to_install = array(


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Yes, if strings in array $os_packages_to_install has whitespace characters.

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it may, if input array is associative:

$os_packages_to_install = array('key'=>'val1','val2','val3');
var_dump(explode(' ', implode(' ', $os_packages_to_install)));

output is:

array(3) { ["key"]=> string(4) "val1" [0]=> string(4) "val2" [1]=> string(4) "val3" }
array(3) { [0]=> string(4) "val1" [1]=> string(4) "val2" [2]=> string(4) "val3" } 
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if string contains whitespace like $str[0] = "abcd bce"; $str[1] = "bcde sdf"; and if one executes your command then .

it will be splitted in array with 4 records rather then splitting in 2.

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