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In Ubuntu Linux, does changing umask of the system (by calling umask() in a program for example), affect the creation and usage of the IPC facilities like message queues on the system?

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From the man page

The umask setting also affects the permissions assigned to POSIX IPC objects (mq_open(3), sem_open(3), shm_open(3)), FIFOs (mkfifo(3)), and UNIX domain sockets (unix(7)) created by the process. The umask does not affect the permissions assigned to System V IPC objects created by the process using msgget(2), semget(2), shmget(2)).

So if your IPC uses the above, then yes. Can you be more specific?

strace myprogram | egrep 'mq_open|sem_open|...' should tell you if you're calling any of these, directly or indirectly.

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I use msgget() to create message queue, so i guess umask has no effect on my ipc. Thx for reply –  korhan Jul 7 '11 at 8:01
Does msgget derive from any of the above? You might want to strace –  spraff Jul 7 '11 at 8:10

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