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I have an mdb file made by ms access. It got a form inside and inside the form there are one large textbox.

The intention of making this textbox is to show the progress of some work by adding messages inside the textbox:

txtStatus.value = txtStatus.value & "Doing something..." & vbCrLf
txtStatus.value = txtStatus.value & "Done." & vbCrLf

But the problem is, when the height of the text > height of the textbox, the new message is not displayed automatically. The textbox has a scroll bar, but I have to scroll it manually. I would like to auto scroll to the bottom whenever new text pop up.

I tried to add this code(copied from internet) in the On Change property, but the code failed, it does nothing:

Private Sub txtStatus_Change()
    txtStatus.SelStart = Len(txt) - 1
End Sub

I wish there would be some simple and beautiful way to achieve this. I don't want to add some code which only work on some computers due to its dependence on the windows platform's kernel/etc.

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the trouble with the textbox design is that as soon as it loses the focus, it will revert to displaying the start of the text (as opposed to the end). This is a design flaw as far as I am concerned. The control ought to have a property which allows the designer to designate whether to display the top/bottom of the text content. –  steve lewy Apr 3 '13 at 4:54
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You can do it via a call to a sub;

AppendText "Bla de bla bla."
sub AppendText(strText As String)
    with txtStatus
        .setfocus '//required
        .value = .value & strText & vbNewLine
        .selstart = len(.Value)
    end with
end sub
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It is okay. Thanks. –  lamwaiman1988 Jul 8 '11 at 1:55
works out of the box –  avguchenko Mar 14 '13 at 15:54
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