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Good day, everyone!

I write a sound mixer and I need getting under sound device capabilities control such as I can got with windows mixer. I can manipulate general volume and mute states of mixer, but I can't gain an access to other options, for example: my system has Realtek HD Audio mixer and it makes following controls:

  • synthesizer: volume, mute and balance control;
  • front: volume, mute and balance control;
  • rear: volume, mute and balance control;
  • subwoofer: volume, mute and balance control; and so on.

My OS is Windows XP, so I use a standard mmsystem library. it takes me to find all sound devices and to get a list controls that i can got. But list has only volume and mute controls.
What do I want to come at capabilities of sound mixer?

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what functions did you use to list your output ? did you use only the wave* set of function ?

have you tried the mixer API ? the documentation for those functions is here, and more informations may be found here.

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yes, i use mixer API and i found how to decide my problem, thanks! –  ilya8891 Jul 8 '11 at 11:51

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