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I'm using jquery (latest version) together with jquery.hotkeys.js. What I would like to acchieve is: I would like to bind Ctrl+V (ok that is an easy one) but in addition I have to capture the Ctrl only because I'm using the Ctrl for gathering selections.

At the moment I don't see how to solve it with jquery.hotkeys.js. Has anyone any idea as to this issue?

Thank you!

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Well, I'm not familiar with that plugin, but for just catching a keyup / keydown event with a Ctrl, you can just bind

$( document.body ).keyup(function( event ) {
   if( event.which === 17 ) {
       // yay

I'm not super sure if Ctrl has the keyCode of 17 on every platform out there, that you might want to double check.

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Thank you. Maybe you are right but the handling using jquery.hotkeys.js is quite easy: $(document).bind('keydown', 'Ctrl+a', fn); $(document).unbind('keydown', 'Ctrl+a', fn); So it would be quite comfortable to use the plugin. But $(document).bind('keydown', 'Ctrl', fn); seem doesn't work - unfortunately. But if someone has an idea? – Walter Jul 7 '11 at 8:45
@Walter: try binding to document.body – jAndy Jul 7 '11 at 8:54

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