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I have column of XML type.There's a xml like this

   <item type="xxx"><items>
   <item type="xxx"><items>

I need to delete all type attributes. I know oracle has some functions for xml manipulation, but I don't get how to delete attributes.

How would such query look like ?

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Here is an example using the Oracle supplied SQL function deletexml

Acknowledgement to Jonas Lincoln as I am using his XPATH expression

SELECT deleteXML(xmltype.CREATEXML('<items>
                                       <item type="xxx">a</item>
                                       <item type="xxx">b</item>
FROM dual  

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+1 one for an answer that targets Oracle instead of SQL Server. – Mikael Eriksson Jul 7 '11 at 14:10
declare @xml as xml
set @xml = '
    <item type="xxx">3</item>
    <item type="xxx">4</item>

SET @xml.modify('delete (/items/item[@type="xxx"]/@type)')

select cast(@xml as nvarchar(100))

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+1 for the xpath expression – Ian Carpenter Jul 7 '11 at 12:32

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