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I want to develop an application that posts mp3 files to people's walls (with an embedded music player). Stream Attachments look like the way to go but I can't really find a tutorial as to how to use these methods given the new PHP SDK.

Given that I need an inline mp3 player inside the user's wall, are Stream Attachments what I really need? If so, does anyone of you know how to implement it using FB's PHP SDK 3.0? If not, what should I be looking at?

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This would seem to make sense. It states in the documentation here to "use the Graph API and POST a Post object to the feed connection of the User object".

Here is information about the User object. You should be able to use the Source field to specify a Flash movie (serving as the MP3 player) as noted here.

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so it would seem that the new API does not support music attachments yet? – maignacio Jul 9 '11 at 13:16

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