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I have created an test case using selenium IDE and exported it to Junit when i tried to run my TestCase1.java file i m getting following errors and so not able to proceed ahead

C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.5.0_06\bin>javac c:\acceptance-tests\TestCase1.java c:\acceptance-tests\TestCase1.java:1: package org.openqa.selenium.server does no t exist import org.openqa.selenium.server.RemoteControlConfiguration; ^ c:\acceptance-tests\TestCase1.java:2: package org.openqa.selenium.server does no t exist import org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumServer; ^ c:\acceptance-tests\TestCase1.java:3: package com.thoughtworks.selenium does not exist import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*;


When I attempt to run junit tests on selenium RC, I get the following message: "package junit.framewo rk.Test does not exist import junit.framework.Test.*;"

Please suggest

Thanks in advance to all

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You need to add both the Selenium Client Drivers and JUnit library files to your classpath. You can get these from http://www.seleniumhq.org and http://www.junit.org
When running tests through JUnit you need to connect to a running Selenium RC server. You can start the server programmatically or run the selenium-server jar. Both of these methods are documented here.

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