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PyPy has some compatibility limitations, especially regarding the CPython C API.

I use QuickFix package which comes with precompiled SWIG bindings, and I'm considering using it with PyPy. As I am not fluent in C API and SWIG, my questions are:

  • Does PyPy's C API compatibility limitations hinder work with SWIG? Could you explain why?
  • Do I need to recompile the SWIG bindings to work specifically with PyPy? Is that possible? How?
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PyPy's C API compatibility layer would not work with SWIG. The main reason is that SWIG uses internal APIs and pokes into C structures without using APis. I guess SWIG could be fixed, but so far it has not been.

You would have to recompile it if it have worked, but it will not work anyway.

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