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I have no background in Eclipse-RCP. My understanding is that a eclipse-rcp app is a rich client technology similar to Adobe Air.

Is it possible to embed a swf flash movie in a panel inside a eclipse-rcp app? Can the flash talk via ExternalInterface to the application?


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embed flash via browser component
swt / java and flash communication

I am assuming flash and swf is the same (being a long time since I did any director stuff)

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Looks like you can find a reasonable tutorial at Unfortunately it seems to have some issues with codecs, but hopefully it works for you.

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Unfortunately that looks like Flash Video (.flv) not a .swf. Thanks. – dan Mar 19 '09 at 3:42

In absence of a more direct option, you could embed the SWT browser widget with an html document that embeds your swf. Not the cleanest solution, but if you know there is a flash-enabled browser on your target platform, this will work.

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