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Can you guys help me to explain the reason why the method is called multiple times when I used the h:dataTable in facelet page.

 <h:dataTable id="listTable" styleClass="pageView_listForm"
 value="#{ClassName.dataFactory(topic)}" border="2" rules="rows" 
var="item" width="100%" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" rowClasses="panelRowOdd,panelRowEven" >

Bean class

@ManagedBean (name="ClassName")
public class ClassName{
     public DataModel <Person> dataFactory(String topic){
       DataModel items = null;  
       // This block code gets the list of Person
       return items;


I was launching the page when it called the method dataFactory multiple times. I did not know exactly what happen here? Is it a bug from JSF or my implementation.Can you guy help me?

Thank you.

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when happens with Datatable, we should take care that such a method should not contain much business logic, Or Database interactions which are costly.

here i found some useful discussions....

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and here

Calling a method multiple times when using h:dataTable in JSF

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I guess that I can find the solution to fix this issue by working around. Thanks –  miller Jul 8 '11 at 6:18

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