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I am developing for android using eclipse and android's plug-in for eclipse. I am getting proper intellisense for Java code. The application I am developing consists of both Java and C++ code. How can I get intellisense for C++ in this environment.


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Try downloading the C Developement Tools for eclipse (CDT). The update site can be found here. This module provides syntax higlighting and code completion for C/C++ and works fine for me.

EDIT: Sorry, the above link is dependent on my eclipse version. Here you can find CDT distributions for all other eclipse versions.

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I am not getting code-assitence while programming in eclipse for C++? i.e. Suppose you want to type cocos2d::CCSprite * _ship;. After writing coc and pressing Ctrl + Space are you getting code assist? I am not getting this feature I used to have this feature while programming in Java. What can be the problem? I have installed the CDT check here. – 256 Jul 30 '12 at 10:23
You'll probably have to set the reference to the cocos2d headers in your project settings. See the docs here: help.eclipse.org/helios/… – Constantinius Jul 30 '12 at 19:18

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