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When I start etop on my machine I get the following error message:

=ERROR REPORT==== 7-Jul-2011::11:30:09 ===
** System NOT running to use fully qualified hostnames **
** Hostname selilsx074.lmera.ericsson.se is illegal **
Error Couldn't connect to node 'gil@selilsx074.lmera.ericsson.se'

I'm thinking that the problem is that the etop process is starting with a short name (-sname) and therefore is unable to communicate with the process I want to monitor, which is started with a fully qualified long name (-name).

How do I start the etop process with a long name?

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Well, since the start script for etop looks like this:


erl -sname $NAME -hidden -s etop -s erlang halt -output text $@

I guess I'm out of luck using that. I have to write my own start script if I want to use a fully qualified name, something like this:


erl -name $NAME -hidden -s etop -s erlang halt -output text $@
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entop handles that nicely by allowing you to use the -sname and -name flags directly to the program. –  Adam Lindberg Jul 7 '11 at 11:59

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