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Is there any way that I can do something like this on Android. I need to make something like the notification on second tab.

enter image description here

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yes. you can place 3 views in a row (LinearLayout for example). The row is with pink background.

On the active tab (view) you set the needed background. You do whatever you need to make the text and the badge (this is easy task). For example, the second view is RelativeLayout, that has one view with 2dp top padding and the background for the tab, also in the RelativeLayout you add TextView for the text itself and ImageView (or a little bit more complicated view, for the numbers) for the badge.

The two other views will have no background and just some text (textviews) in them.

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and what about the notification on the second tab? –  Android-Developer Jul 7 '11 at 10:55
notification is just a little view (with appropriate background) in the RelativeLayout which is aligned top and right (with some small padding), and eventually textview inside the little view (for the text). –  Danail Jul 7 '11 at 11:52

Use the action bar tabs available in android 3.0 and above

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