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i have a script. jQuery datepicker with url's on database.

    $(function() {
                beforeShowDay: daysToMark,
                onSelect: function(date,evt){
                    if (evt.currentMonth < 10){
                        evt.currentMonth = "0"+evt.currentMonth;
                    if (evt.currentDay < 10){
                        evt.currentDay = "0"+evt.currentDay;
                        date.dpDiv.find('.ui-datepicker-current-day a')
                        .css('background-color', '#000000');

        $dateArray = array();
        $sql = mysql_query("SELECT *
                            FROM module_news
                while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) {
        var js_array = new Array();
        js_array = <?=json_encode($dateArray);?>;
        var dates = js_array;
        function daysToMark(evt) {
            if($.inArray(evt, js_array) != -1 )

      "index.php?action=news_archive&date="+evt+"&lang=<?=$lang?>", "_self");
        return [true, "", ""];

I have database date links in array, and i want to highlight links, so when i write news at 2011-07-08 on my calendar it 'll be linked but not highlighted, how can i change background color of linked dates?


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In the daysToMark method you return return [true, "", ""]; as required by the beforeShowDay event.

The second position in that array hold a class that will be applied to the data. So if you add a class there return [true, "linked", ""]; and in you css code set a rule of

.linked .ui-state-default{
  background-image:none; /*this in case the them you use uses background images*/

it should do what you want..

demo at

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replace this line

date.dpDiv.find('.ui-datepicker-current-day a')
                        .css('background-color', '#000000');

with below code

var atag = date.dpDiv.find('.ui-datepicker-current-day a');
atag.queue(function() {
   atag.css("background-color", "black");

this may be helpful


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