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I need to get the contents of a page (which is just an image) like but only ip: has access to that file. Therefore I need to be able to do it from my pics.aspx file on another server like

So far I have this script below, which can get the ?code=33. Now all I have to do is retrieve the contents of I have worked with PHP in the past so I don't know what I'm doing with asp. if you could guide me a little on how to retrieve contents of another page via its url, it would be much appreciated :)

<%@ Page Language="vb" %>
      <title>Showing QueryString values via the QueryString Collection in ASP.NET</title>

Dim Counter1, Counter2 As Integer
Dim Keys(), subKeys() As String
Dim MyQueryStringCollection As NameValueCollection


Keys = MyQueryStringCollection.AllKeys
For Counter1 = 0 To Keys.GetUpperBound(0)
 subKeys = MyQueryStringCollection.GetValues(Counter1) ' Get all values under this key.
If Keys(Counter1)="code" Then
Response.Write("Counter is "& Keys(Counter1) & "<br>" & subKeys(Counter2))
End If
   subKeys = MyQueryStringCollection.GetValues(Counter1) ' Get all values under this key.
   For Counter2 = 0 To subKeys.GetUpperBound(0)
      ' Response.Write("Value " & CStr(Counter2) & ": " & subKeys(Counter2) & "<br>")
   Next Counter2
Next Counter1

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i'm looking for something like include for php –  Logan Jul 7 '11 at 12:50

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Take a look at the WebRequest and WebResponse classes. They will allow you to request the contents of other pages. It's then up to you how you want to display the response.

Hope that get's you on track.

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