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I have a GitHub account. I fixed up everything, so I'm ready for uploads.

GitHub's help on creating a repo covers uploading a single README file, but I want to upload the entire project. How I can do it step by step?

Thank you!

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Do you know how to use git? You're supposed to have your own repo locally that you can "push" to github once you have set up everything. –  progo Jul 7 '11 at 12:39

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create new repository here https://github.com/repositories/new

git clone to local folder, add files of project

and then "git add ." "git commit" & "git push"

Maybe you must add ssh key into github panel(I dont remeber)

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You can't clone an empty repo. –  Tekkub Jul 7 '11 at 14:37

The "single README" is just an example. Of course you can add, commit and push as much files as you like. The README-file is special to github, because its shown at the bottom of the repositories page (side note: works in subdirectories too). Thats the only reason, why they only mention this one.

git add README
git add otherFile
git add aDirectory

It really doesn't make any difference for github when you commit and push specific files to github. However, I'm used to add only the most general files (README and some license files) to the initial commit. Its just a matter of your personal preference.

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