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I want to make a simple thinge. Just a text with underline line like tag in html. How can i do it in Raphael JS?

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Relevant discussion at groups.google.com/group/raphaeljs/browse_thread/thread/… –  beldaz Jan 24 '12 at 9:15
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Here is a function that should do what you're after:

function underlineText(textElement) {
    var textBBox = textElement.getBBox();
var textUnderline = canvas.path("M"+textBBox.x+" "+(textBBox.y+textBBox.height)+"L"+(textBBox.x+textBBox.width)+" "+(textBBox.y+textBBox.height));  

var textElement = canvas.text(100,100,"hello world");
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I think the previous answer is not good anymore (since for me it's not working at all), but with a few tricks I got it working as a charm.

Here it is:

var underlineText = function () {
var textBBox = textElement.getBBox();
var textUnderline = paper.path("M"+textBBox.x+" "+(textBBox.y+textBBox.height)+"L"+(textBBox.x+textBBox.width)+" "+(textBBox.y+textBBox.height));};




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