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I want to remove a Python package, let's say Satchmo. But I don't remember which tool I used to install it.

I can think of the following ways:

  • Downloading source
    • distutils
    • distribute
    • SetupTools
  • Python package managers
    • EasyInstall
    • PyPM
    • pip
  • apt-get

Is there a way to determine how it was installed? I think I need this information to safely and properly remove them.

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I would love to know this too. If there is not a way to do this, then I think this is a serious must-look-at for the developers of python install tools. – glarrain Nov 9 '11 at 18:31
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Each installation tool may keep a separate index of which packages it knows about/has installed. All Python cares about is that the files are in place. So basically, if you think it may have been installed with a certain tool, you'll have to ask the tool.

For apt/dpkg, you can check if the package appears in the dpkg -l listing. I do not know whether pip's index is as easily accessible, but you could simply try running pip uninstall package-name, it should complain if it didn't install the package. I don't know about PyPM, but if you installed from source or with easy_install, you'll simply have to track down and remove the files, the package isn't listed anywhere.

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