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I have a simple problem. My developer account is attached to a number of different 'teams'; I have various clients who each have their own Apple Developer account and so they add me to their team. Normal operation is fine - when I login to the Apple Developer Centre, I get to choose which team I'm logging in to.

The problem I've uncovered today is that the Application Loader application (which is what is used to upload an app to iTunes Connect for review) doesn't seem to support the team concept;

  • My client has created his app under his account and the app is now in 'waiting to upload' state (he sent me a screenshot, so I'm sure of this)
  • Yet when I run the application loader, I see 'no eligible applications found'

To be clear, the problem is not that I don't know how to use Application Loader with multiple Apple IDs (which is a common question). The problem is how to use Application Loader with a single Apple ID that is attached to multiple Developer accounts.

Any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you ever resolve this? Facing the same problem. –  chaiguy Sep 6 '13 at 18:06

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Try to use organizer after Build and Archive application instead of using Application loader. When you build and archive it will open organizer and you will able to upload app. I didn't face this problem but I think it should work. Can you just give it a try once ? (window --> Organizer)

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Thanks Deeps, will have a go. Is this an Xcode 4 feature or is it available in Xcode 3 as well? –  Gehan Jul 7 '11 at 14:09
I don't remember exactly but I think it should there in xCode 3 too. –  Deeps Jul 8 '11 at 6:00
Having a similar problem. It fails in both Application Loader and Xcode organizer. :( –  chaiguy Sep 6 '13 at 18:06

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