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How do I remove the checked checkboxes from a list and add them to another list?

      $('#mer').click( function() {
         //var unchecked = [];
       $('input[type="checkbox"]').each (function() {
       if (this.checked) {
         var txt = $(this).next("label").text();
         $(':checkbox:checked').attr('disabled', true);  
       } /*else {
                var txt1 = $(this).next("label").text(); 

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Can you be a bit more descriptive and break your issue down? – Exitos Jul 7 '11 at 13:56

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It is very simple:

$('#from :checked').appendTo('#to');

Where #from is the parent (aka. select/checkbox parent) and to is #to is other select or parent you wish to put it to.

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I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but something like this might work:

$('input[type="checkbox"]').each (function() {
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I'm not sure exactly what you need, but here's a neat swapping sample. If you set up your html like this:

<h3>List One</h3>
<ul id="listOne">
    <li><label for="a">A</label><input type="checkbox" id="a" name="listOne"/></li>
    <li><label for="b">B</label><input type="checkbox" id="b" name="listOne"/></li>
    <li><label for="c">C</label><input type="checkbox" id="c" name="listOne"/></li>

<h3>List Two</h3>
<ul id="listTwo">
    <li><label for="d">D</label><input type="checkbox" id="d" name="listTwo" checked/></li>

Then you can write relatively simple jQuery like this:

    $('input[type=checkbox]').live('click', function(event){
        var t = $(this);
        var from = 'listOne';
        var to = 'listTwo';
        if (!':checked')){
            var swap = to;
            to = from;
            from = swap;
        $('#'+to).append(t.attr('name', to).parent());

I have this working in a jsfiddle:

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