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I want to something like this in bash:

 alias foo='bar="$(echo hello world | grep \"hello world\")"; echo $bar;'; foo

Expected output: hello world

Ouput: grep: world": No such file or directory

  • The outer quotes have to be single quotes, with double quotes $bar would be empty.

  • The next quotes have to be double quotes, with single quotes $() wouldn't expand.

  • The inner quotes could be both type of quotes, but single quotes doesn't allow single quotes inside of them.

How to I achieve this?

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The stuff inside $() represents a subshell, so you are allowed to place un-escaped double quotes inside

alias foo='bar="$(echo testing hello world | grep "hello world")"; echo "$bar"'
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It's a bit unclear what "something like this" means, but the simplest way to achieve what seems to be the point here is a simple function:

foo() {
    echo 'hello world' | grep 'hello world'
  • There's no need for an intermediate variable assignment (it will be lost anyway).
  • Functions are generally preferred over aliases because of more flexibility (parameter handling) and readability (multiple lines; less escaping).
  • Always use the simplest solution which could possibly work.
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Escape the spaces

alias foo='bar="$(echo hello world | grep hello\ world)"; echo $bar;'
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Is it not possible to escape quotes, say i wan to do: alias foo='baz="hello world"; bar="$(echo hello world | grep \"$baz\")"; echo $bar;'; foo – Tyilo Jul 7 '11 at 14:01

The double quotes around $() are not necessary:

alias foo='bar=$(echo hello world | grep "hello world"); echo $bar;'

# Output:
hello world
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