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Hi I have a JQuery js that does something like this after AJAX call:

$element.next().after('<td><b>OPTION SAVED</b></td>');
$element.next().next().show('slide', {direction : 'left'}, 1000);

Now what I want to do is call this =>


So basically I want to create an element dynamically, slide it from the left and after it has appeared, I want it to hide it slowly again. How do I do this? My problem is that js code is executed even while the element has not yet completed the sliding (or its creation maybe?) so When I call hide("slow") it tells me I called it on undefined and nothing happens...


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you would need to use a callback on completion –  jcolebrand Jul 7 '11 at 13:56

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$element.next().after('<td><b>OPTION SAVED</b></td>').hide().show('slide', {direction : 'left'}, 1000, function(){$(this).hide();});

Should work, the chaining of the calls means the after will return the element you just added then you show it and add a callback function to hide it again.

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Yeah this is what I needed :) Thanks –  kosta Jul 8 '11 at 11:50

You should use a callback function :

$element.show(duration, easing, callback_function);

Callback function will be executed one animation is complete.

Bye !

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If I'm understanding your description of the problem. Your issue is that you have one too many nexts.

$element.next().next().show('slide', {direction : 'left'}, 1000);

Note that there are 2 nexts here.


Then here are 3 nexts. NOT the same element. If you want to hide the same element then drop a next off of the hide.

Or even better, just chain it:

   .show('slide', {direction : 'left'}, 1000)
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