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Is there a way to reassign or change the core namespaces of mediawiki? For example, I'm having difficulty linking to a page I want to call "Template" because mediawiki has a namespace already for Template. I'd like to re-assign the mediawiki "template" namespace to something else.

Any thoughts?

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You can partly change the name, under localsettings.php, add extra namespaces with the code number of template like adding main as 0, main:Main Page will redirect to Main Page

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Basically, no.

You can change the display names of the namespaces in Special:AllMessages, and you can make aliases for the namespaces with $wgNamespaceAliases, but I don't think you can actually change the underlying names.

For example, to go to the talk page for Stack Overflow on the german wikipedia you can use http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Stack_Overflow or http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diskussion:Stack_Overflow and they both take you to the same place.

BUT: The english wikipedia there is a page called Template and I just tested by making a page called Template on my wiki with no problems. So maybe it isn't the template namespace interfering. When I made a link to Template on my wikipedia userpage with [[Template]] it linked to the article Template, not to the name space.

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