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I know good general programming blogs (like coding horror ;) ). But I want very good specific XNA blog. Suggestions?

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Shawn Hargreaves and Nick Gravelyn are two names that I run across a lot when looking for information on XNA.

It's not as much of a blog, but Ziggyware also has a lot of great information.

And you can also find helpful information right on the XNA forums and GameDev.net forums.

Oh, also, I like to read Gamasutra, which has articles from people developing on XNA.

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I really like Shawn Hargreaves blog. He has a lot of code examples and shows a lot of best practices and tricks to help development.

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You can start from www.creatorsclubonline.com , they have a huge list of links to XNA specific blogs. (not sure if you are looking at beginner level or advanced level blogs)

Meanwhile here are some...







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It depends what it is you expect from a blog. If you're searching for knowledge and techniques, you'd be grazy not to spend some time at Riemer's tutorials as well!

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