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So I have about 50 individual pieces of data that I have to display all at once. There are about 4-5 different sections where I separate the type of data.

For example, one section would look like this:

    Field A: Value      Field D: Value
    Field B: Value      Field E: Value
    Field C: Value      Field F: Value

The XAML for this layout is similar to this:

        <ColumnDefinition Width="150" />
        <ColumnDefinition Width="150" />
        <ColumnDefinition Width="150" />
        <ColumnDefinition Width="150" />
        <RowDefinition />
        <RowDefinition />
        <RowDefinition />
        <RowDefinition />
        <RowDefinition />
        <RowDefinition />
        FontFamily="Helvetica, Arial" 
        FontSize="13" />
        FontFamily="Helvetica, Arial" />

What I'm looking for is a nice and clean way to separate different sections so it's less of a chore to find what I'm looking for (in terms of the XAML and not the UI) and easier to make changes. I'm finding that the more data I add the harder it is to make smaller changes.

I've looked into the HeaderedContentControl however that appears to be a strict one header value and one content value control. All sections share styles.

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Have you tried using a DataGrid? –  Leonard Brünings Jul 7 '11 at 15:15
@Damokles: I hadn't thought of that. Let me try it out. –  gcso Jul 7 '11 at 16:01
Have you tried a ListView/GridView with grouping? –  Ed Bayiates Jul 7 '11 at 16:10
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i think you need something like this: http://demos.telerik.com/silverlight/#GridView/GroupByFormattedValue (its silverlight version) but wpf look same. Telerik is paid controls, but with little effort you can develop own datagrid working same way.

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