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I have a file with aproximately 7.4 million (complex) points. These points probably from a subset of a fractal. How can these points be plotted? I want to put them in a postscript file, but I'm not sure if postscript can handle this many points.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Thank you, Noud

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Postscript seems like a poor option because it will maintain each of the points as a separate object. I think a better approach would be to use something like ImageMagick's command line tools to write pixels to some target image. Then you're not trying to maintain 7.4 million vector shapes -- just pixels.

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I think usual scatter plot will be OK for you. Concerning EPS/PDF -- formally it is possible, but resulting file will have a size of order of hundred Mb. I agree that bitmap image may be better for yours case.

For producing such plot you can use MathGL, for example. It is free (GPL) cross-platform plotting library. There is a front-end UDAV for MathGL.

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