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I am new to azure API, what kind of data or log following azure storage account has Blogs: Events ? wad-control-container wad-iis-logfiles any more ? Tables Events WADDirectoriesTable WADLogsTable WADPerformanceCountersTable WADWindowsEventLogsTable

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Windows Azure Hosted Service can logs 7 types(4 in Table Storage and 3 in Blob Storage) of logs in Azure Storage, which are as follows:

  1. Event Logs: logs in WADWindowsEventLogsTable

  2. Performance Counter: logs in WADPerformanceCountersTable

  3. Trace Logs: logs in WADLogsTable

  4. Infrastruture Logs: logs in WADDiagnosticsInfrastructureLogsTable

Remaining 3 types of logs are stored in Blob Storage

  1. IIS Logs: logs in wad-iis-logfiles Blob container

  2. Failed Request Logs: logs in wad-iis-failedreqlogfiles Blob container

  3. Crash Dumps: logs in wad-crash-dumps blob container

Hope this helps.


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