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I have a little problem with elFinder. I'll try to explain the best I can.

When I click the button to open elfinder it opens and let me do the work without any problem. The thing is when I try to open it again, without reloading the page it won't show again. But if I reload the page I can open it again just for one time, then I have the same problem.

Other thing is that the menu bar is not showing, but when i try to inspect the Network transitions, and images loaded there aren't any failure.

I leave a link to the images of the first time I open it and the second one.

First time i open it

Second time i open it

PS: Sorry about the wrong tags, but I can't create an elFinder one because my rating is still to low.

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I just find out what was the problem and what is the solution(not yet implemented). The problem is that i was trying to create an elfinder instance for the second time instead of just open the first one i created. The solution passes to check if there is an instance of elFinder already opened and use the following code, for example:



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