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I've searched extensively but can't find an answer… Hope someone can help:

I'm a newbie PHP and MySQL user and have a problem with checkboxes.

I have a simple HTML page which contains checkboxes. The page is linked up to a MySQL db in PHPmyadmin.

The HTML is:

<html><p>User1<input type="checkbox" name="Users[]" id="Users1" value="1"/></p>
<p>User2<input type="checkbox" name="Users[]" id="Users2" value="2"/></p>
<p>User3<input type="checkbox" name="Users[]" id="Users3" value="3"/></p>
<p>User4<input type="checkbox" name="Users[]" id="Users4" value="4"/></p></html>

What I want is for the person filling in the form to check 1 or more of the values and then for the checked values to be displayed in PHPmyadmin, so that I can export them.

However, when using this PHP:

$values = implode(',', $_POST['Users']);

All I get in PHPmyadmin is "Array", and I can't figure out how to get the actual values to be displayed.

Thanks in advance,

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there seems to be nothing wrong with $values = implode(',', $_POST['Users']). What exactly are you trying to display in PHPMyAdmin? The implode() always returns a string, never an Array. It seems you are trying to use echo to display some array; instead use print_r() –  Abhay Jul 7 '11 at 16:12
Try a var_dump($_POST); exit() at the top of your script, to see exactly what's being submitted. If the Users parameter shows up fine in there, then something else in your code is mangling the values in the $_POST array. –  Marc B Jul 7 '11 at 16:15

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You can get all value checked by looping :

$userChecked = $_POST['Users'];
for ($i=0; $i<count($userChecked ); $i++) {
    echo( ($i+1) . ") " . $userChecked [$i] . "<br/>");

This will display all id. Instead of echo the value you can insert them in your database or do what you want. The values will be loop inside : $userChecked [$i]

@Daok: Yes, that displays the values on the results page, but in PHPmyadmin, it still indicates "Array". How do I get it to display the values?

PhpMyAdmin is just a tool to administrate php/mysql. I guess you mean that you have "array" written in your database? If you do want all value inside a field (varchar) than you just have to implode:

$comma_separated = implode(",", $_POST['Users']);
//Code here to Insert to you database with ...value($comma_separated)...

If you want 1 row for each entry :

$userChecked = $_POST['Users'];
for ($i=0; $i<count($userChecked ); $i++) {
   //Insert Sql statement here with value($userChecked [$i])
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$values = implode(',', (array)$_POST['Users']);


$values = implode(',', $_POST['Users']);
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