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Is it safe to create multiple Context in one thread to save the data in the web application ? I've got the code like below and worry if it would work on big amount of iterations. Is there any problems with such code ?

    private void SaveContent(TargetSegment ts,
                                   Folder f,
                                   IEnumerable<Module> m)
        using(var ctx = new EntityContainer())
            var entity = CreateEntityFrom(ts, f, m);


    foreach(var ts in TargetSegments)
        var f = FindFolder(ts);
        var m = ExtractModules(ts, f);

        SaveContent(ts, f, m);
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There is no problem with your code. This above code will execute a SQL INSERT statement each time it is called. You have your code in a using block, which is the best way to dispose of the object.

I've run into performance issues only when selecting from an EF model for multiple transactions; and in that case, I cached whenever possible and have had no problems.

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Thank you. I was trying to use single SaveChanges call for all sequence, but it is difficult to validate each entity when in is going to be written to db. So, I handle the exception when I have all info about the error and it's context. –  Mad Hollander Jul 7 '11 at 17:43

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