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I am animating an element on the screen using jQuery.animate in response to the window scroll event like this:

  $("#myElement").stop().animate({top: -0.5 * $(window).scrollTop()});

Since the scroll event fires over and over when you're scrolling a window, I have to call the .stop() function on my element in order to immediately start my next animation.

This seems to work okay, but can be a bit slow when there's a lot of content being animated. Is there a better way to update the target values of an animation mid-animation? What can I do to improve the performance of this code?

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Have you ever thought of just doing a more specific .css change?

  $("#myElement").css({top: -0.02 * $(window).scrollTop()});

I just put in an arbitrary number, but it might be worth trying and playing with. It should be smoother if you figure out the right modifiers.

Also: It'd be nice if you accepted a few more answers. You have only accepted 31% of the questions you've asked. Just a thought.

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I actually am using .animate so that I can have easing. If I do .css, then there's no transition. –  Rafe Jul 7 '11 at 16:30
You mean so it slides smoothly? You can do that with css. I do it on my website. –  switz Jul 7 '11 at 17:09

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