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I have a picture box on SSRS. I want to load a picture to it, for exam from D:\Pictures\TV1.jpg (actually user will decide it by using OpenFileDialog)

I have set the Source to external and in Value expression I tired ="D:\Pictures\TV1.jpg" and Also tried


but my picture box shows error picture in both cases.

Please advise what is wrong.

Thanks Furqan

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Put file:D:\TV1.jpg in the value property.

=" not to be used..........

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Try this:

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did not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same error image is being shown whatever I do. – Furqan Sehgal Jul 16 '11 at 12:16

The above works; you only have to ensure the server running SSRS can access the drive letter indicate i.e. upload the photo to a drive visible to the server.


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