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I am working with OpenCV for a project used for recognition and I had a general question regarding the API and it's terms. I've looked online and couldn't find anything specific to this but I was wondering what the differences were regarding the Discrete Adaboost, Real AdaBoost, LogitBoost, and Gentle AdaBoost. If anyone could direct me to a pros v cons or a general description about these so that I may research which would be useful.

Update I have added a link to a powerpoint file that goes over the different variations of the Boosting techniques. Hope this hopes someone else out there. Adaboost powerpoint

Thanks in advance

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There isn't really a simple "always use technique X" otherwise there wouldn't be a need for all the others . You really have to understand the details and experiment.

see The opencv discussion and A list of papers and technical summaries

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I understand that and I know that I will have to look into them. I just wanted some links to describe the benefits of each one so that I can find out which would be the best to use. – Seb Jul 7 '11 at 17:58
Haven't really found a simple/beginner intro. You might have to hit the papers in the second link. If you do find a good tutorial please post the link here ! – Martin Beckett Jul 7 '11 at 18:03

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