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The folowing code generates a syntax error at the line where the iterator is declared:

template <typename T>
class A

    struct B
       int x, y, z;

    void a()
        std::map<int, B>::const_iterator itr; // error: ; expected before itr

    std::vector<T> v;
    std::map<int, B> m;

This only happens when A is a templated class. What's wrong with this code? If I move B out of A, the code compiles fine.

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You need a typename:

 typename std::map<int, B>::const_iterator itr;

The iterator is a dependant type (depends on B) and when you have this situation the compiler requires you to clarify it with a typename.

There is a reasonable discussion of the issue here.

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+1. Can I suggest adding the words "inside a template definition" after "when you have this situation"? –  j_random_hacker Mar 19 '09 at 9:40

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