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I need to select all elements, that has binded "click" event? Is there such selector exists?

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It is not supported natively by jQuery, but you can write your own custom selector using hasEvent plugin :

jQuery.expr[":"].click = "jQuery(a).hasEvent('click');";



There is also the Event Bound Selector plugin which is more complete and works out of the box, but is also bigger.

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Great. I wonder how it works. –  Vasil Mar 19 '09 at 11:12

No. You can iterate over all elements and check if they have an event binding. But that wouldn't be very efficient unless you have a clue what kind of elements would have that event binding so you can narrow the search.

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it might not be so horribly ineffecient, because I suspect jquery does a lot of looping over everything for any query –  cobbal Mar 19 '09 at 11:12

Search for the position:

    button: function(elem){
        return "button" === elem.type || elem.nodeName.toLowerCase() === "button";
    input: function(elem){
        return /input|select|textarea|button/i.test(elem.nodeName);
    //init custom
    ev: function(elem,i,match){
        var what    = $(elem).hasEvent(match[3]);
        var type    = (typeof what);
        return  what !== null && type !== undefined;
    //End custom
setFilters: {
    first: function(elem, i){
        return i === 0;
    last: function(elem, i, match, array){
        return i === array.length - 1;
    even: function(elem, i){
        return i % 2 === 0;


same use as has()


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