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I was wondering if there is any chance of R's text mining package having the following feature:

myCorpus <- Corpus(DirSource(<directory-contatining-textfiles>),control=...)
# add docs

Ideally I would like to incorporate additional documents into the existing corpus.

Any help is appreciated

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You should be able just to use c(,) as in

> library(tm)
> data("acq")
> data("crude")
> together <- c(acq,crude)
> acq
A corpus with 50 text documents
> crude
A corpus with 20 text documents
> together
A corpus with 70 text documents

You can find more in the tm package documentation under tm_combine.

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Thanks for the reply. I did not know about the updated tm manual. It was not in the previous tm manual (2010 or previous versions). –  Shivani Rao Jul 10 '11 at 22:44

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