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Hi i am trying create a helper to convert a entire html from a CTP to PDF using tcpdf->writeHTML();

I have tried:

function beforeLayout(){



    $pageOrientation = 'P';




    $this->pdf->writeHTML(ob_get_contents(), false, false, false, false, 'L');

    echo $this->pdf->Output('x.pdf', 'D'); 


But without sucess :(

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You have to be more precise than that... Does it open a blank pdf? Does it not give you a download prompt? Try some test instead of ob_get_contents(), and see if that works –  Ben Jul 7 '11 at 23:05

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What exactly is in your output buffer? I see it starting at the beginning of the function, and don't see any output after it? Is just nothing happening? Any errors thrown?

Did you Try:

$this->pdf->writeHTML(ob_get_contents(), false, false, false, false, 'L');

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