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I am trying to build an array and I am looping through the values of an XML document, I have everything pulling out great using xpath, here's my code:

    function parseAccountIds($xml) {

    $arr = array();

    foreach($xml->entry as $k => $v) {

        $acctName = $v->title;

        $prop = $v->xpath('dxp:property');
        foreach($prop as $k1 => $v1) {
            if($v1->attributes()->name == "ga:accountId")
                $acctId = (string) $v1->attributes()->value;
            else if($v1->attributes()->name == "ga:profileId")
                $profileId = (string) $v1->attributes()->value; 

        echo "profile id ".$profileId;

        echo "<BR>";    

        echo "acctName ".$acctName;

        echo "<BR>";    

        $subArray = array($acctName => $profileId);


        $arr[] = array($acctId => $subArray);



    return json_encode($arr);


The most important bit is where I print_r subArray. I can see acctName and profileId print, but then subArray is empty. For Example:

profile id 45580
acctName accountName1
profile id 4300
acctName accountName2
profile id 4338
acctName accountName3

How are these values not being inserted? I've been looking at the code for a while now, and I'm a bit confused.

Any suggestions would really help, Thanks!

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Certainly this should not be possible... do you get any errors? Do you run with error_reporting(E_ALL)? – Jon Jul 7 '11 at 22:32
Thats a good call, turned it on but I'm not seeing any errors – Doug Molineux Jul 7 '11 at 22:35
Throw in the following line immediately after assigning $subArray: var_dump( $profileId, $acctName, $subArray ); – Matt H. Jul 7 '11 at 22:43
Thank you guys, I figured it out $v->title was a SimpleXMLObject – Doug Molineux Jul 7 '11 at 22:49

try this:

 $subArray[$acctName] = $profileId;

instead of

$subArray = array($acctName => $profileId);
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$v->title is actually a SimpleXMLObject still!

I forgot to cast it as a string, when I tried to make it the index in the array, it freaked out, geez I spent a whole hour on this!

Thanks for your suggestions guys :P

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I though print_r forces standard objects such as XML or Class object to strings if possible. Only var_dump() actually returns "variable type/name" + "value". Maybe I am wrong. – Julius F Jul 7 '11 at 22:53
If this is the case, Matt's suggestion would have resolved the problem. I actually tried putting the acctname as the value instead of the index, and it printed SimpleXMLObject – Doug Molineux Jul 7 '11 at 22:56

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