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I have a document system called eDrawer (by LSSP Corp). We have around 100,000 documents in this system. It can export into a folder structure, and with each exported PDF, it will export a text file which has the metadata. Theorhetically, everthing is there for automating an import into another system.

I have some .NET background, but havne't developed in Sharepoint yet.

What am I looking at here? Not a big deal? Impossible? or what?

I am thinking that somehow a sharepoint solution could iterate through the files in the directory structure, pickup the metadata in the files and insert the records into the library.

Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated. I am seeking out consulting on this, and trying to weight the cost of that with the cost of learning how to code it myself.

Thank you!

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SharePoint has a pretty comprehensive model for uploading files and metadata using its internal object model. This open source tool does it.

The real issue is always the planning ahead. Little things can come back to haunt you later. Such as the fact that by default someone viewing a document library will only get back the first 5000 items.

Read the White paper: Working with largs lists in Office SharePoint Server 2007 before you start. I would also reccommend you plan and implement a custom content type or two for the data.

So the technical part is not too hard, but the planning requires a little work and quite a bit of reading if you are coming into SharePoint from scratch.

Don't forget to plan for search.

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