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I'm rather new with Django-CMS and I'd like to create templates for a site I'm working on. I find that the docs at django-cms.org are rather terse and appear to be missing a lot when I look at other site's templates.

Can anyone recommend a book or a website that provides in-depth coverage of templating Django-CMS?

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Currently the documentation page at django-cms.org is the bare minimum to get the CMS installed.

I would recommend the detailed project documentation instead. Concerning the templating it contains:

This manual is far from being perfect but it's the best docs I have found up to the present, and it also provides short template snippets all along the reading.

Regarding examples, I'd suggest to keep some Django CMS plugin and look for specific template tags in them. In the end these templates will look as regular Django templates, so Django documentation about template layer could be useful as well.

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I Am just starting to use django-cms, and found this site extremely helpfull: http://www.djangocmsthemes.com/

The django-cms documentation shows you all the options for the menu..... but does not tell you where to put them in the template.

This site http://www.djangocmsthemes.com/ has some fully working template themes.... which are great to look how things work!

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