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I am having problem loading data into Nested datagrid. When the user clicks on a row in parent datagrid, The id is retrieved and based on that the nested datagrid is loaded.

In the rowDetailsVisibilityChanged event.

        DataGrid nestedDataGrid = e.DetailsElement as DataGrid;

        SampleObj data= e.Row.DataContext as SampleObj ;

        var client = new MyService.SampleServiceClient();
        client.GetReportArchiveDataCompleted += GetSampleDataCompleted;

How can I add this line in Asyn completed event as I am not able to get the nested Datagrid in completed event.

IEnumerable dataList= e.Result; nestedDataGrid.ItemSource = dataList

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use an anonymous function instead....

client.GetReportArchiveDataCompleted += 
  delegate(object sender1, GetReportArchiveDataCompletedArgs e1) {

Obviously change the delegate to the correct signature (same as your GetSampleDataCompleted.

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wow it works, Thanks a bunch :-) – Naveen Chakravarthy Jul 8 '11 at 15:05

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