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I have a jQuery tab script that gets content from a PHP file defined by the link and parses it to a div element. The ID for each link is used to pull content from the correct file however type_ is needed in the link ID for the tabs to work which then doesn't pull content from the right place. How can I resolve this issue?

This is my current jQuery code:

function load(url){

        return false;

This is my HTML code:

<li><a id="type_tab1" href="javascript:void(null);">Tab1</a></li> 
<li><a id="type_tab2" href="javascript:void(null);">Tab2</a></li> 
<li><a id="type_tab3" href="javascript:void(null);">Tab3</a></li> 
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From your description, I assume you mean the content is located at tab1.php, tab2.php, etc and the problem is with your type_ prefix in the ID.

Option #1 - Most like your code

I don't think you need type_ in the id. Seems like you could accomplish the same thing with a class='tab' on each of your anchors like

<li><a id="tab1" class="tab" href="javascript:void(null);">Tab1</a></li> 

and then do

$('.tab').click(function() {
    var tabId = $(this).attr("id");
    var url=""+tabId+".php";
    $('#' + tabId).addClass("selected");
    return false;

Option #2 - Cleaner and makes more sense

There's no reason to overload the ID attribute with the url of your content. Try:

<li><a id="tab1" class="tab" href="/path/to/content/tab1.php">Tab1</a></li> 

Normally, this would take you to the content, but you can prevent the default behavior by:

$('.tab').click(function(event) {

    // Prevent actually going to the content

    // Adjust tabs
    var $currentTab = $(this);        

    // Load content from the href attribute of the tab          

    return false;

Option #3 - This is already a JQuery Extension

Have you considered using JQuery UI Tabs? I've found the demo site to be a bit wonky sometimes, but JQuery UI is very popular, stable, and flexible. There is an option to load content via AJAX.

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