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I am trying to link the libraries from boost to C::B. I have built the files but all I see in all the folders are .hpp files. Are there not supposed to be .lib files?

Going through build options, I gave search directories. I am now trying to do the linker settings. What do I put here. It will only take .lib and other files like that. Any ideas?

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Have you followed the Getting Started Guide from the documentation? –  ildjarn Jul 8 '11 at 3:01

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Which Boost libraries? The vast majority of Boost libraries are header-only. You only need to include the header file to use them. The only Boost libraries that have actual library files are:

  • Date_Time
  • Filesystem
  • Graph
  • iostreams
  • Math
  • Program Options
  • Random
  • Regex
  • Serialization
  • Signals
  • System
  • Thread
  • Wave

Also, you're working with GCC. Library files end in ".a", not ".lib" as with Visual Studio.

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