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'svn update' identifies conflicts and presents me with a diff. I have modified my SVN configuration so that the default 'diff' application is 'xxdiff'. I look over the conflict, see what I need to do, and exit 'xxdiff' with Ctrl-Q. The result seems to be that my local copy is replace with a 0-byte file. This is rather upsetting. Can someone tell me what is happening?

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In case of svn update xxdiff activates automatic merge mode, but if there are conflicts a user interaction is required and according to the doc,

In this mode, the user must save before exiting xxdiff (exiting will prompt for save filename).

Also, you may want to try the diff-proxy - a wrapper script that makes xdiff fully diff options compatible:

xx-diff-proxy is a wrapper script for xxdiff that presents options that are the same as the diff or diff3 commands. This can be used with programs that expect to call diff/diff3 to present differences to users, and can be configured with a different diff program.

As a workaround, you may provide a simple wrapper script (instead of directly using xxdiff in svn config) with --merged-filename option to change output file name (e.g. add .merged extension).

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