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I need some help in auto-registering generics using StructureMap. Here is my scenario:

public class Object<T>

public interface IBehvior<T>
    void DoSomething(T t);

public class Behvior<T> : IBehvior<Object<T>>
    public void DoSomething(Object<T> t)


What I want to accomplish is something like:

var x = ObjectFactory.GetInstance<IBehavior<Object<int>>();

But when I run this statement, it gives me an error that no default instance is configured. In my StructureMap configuration I've used


But it still doesn't work!

Note that this worked fine if I didn't have Object. For example, if I have:

public class IntBehavior : IBehavior<int>

Everything works perfectly fine. But when I replace int with a generic type, it doesn't work!

Any ideas?

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