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Can I write any InputStream into a FileChannel?

I'm using java.nio.channels.FileChannel to open a file and lock it, then writing a InputStream to the output file. The InputStream may be opened by another file, URL, socket, or anything. I've write the following codes:

FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(outputFile);
FileChannel outputChannel = outputStream.getChannel();
FileLock lock = outputChannel.lock();
try {
} finally {

However, the first argument of outputChannel.transferFrom(...) requests a ReadableByteChannel object. Since I an using a InputStream as input, it do not have inputStream.getChannel() method to create the required channel.

Is there any way to get a ReadableByteChannel from a InputStream?

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You can use ReadableByteChannel readableChannel = Channels.newChannel(myinputstream).

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