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I can load perfectly the first DLL, but if I try to load a second DLL it fails.


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • FPC: 2.4.4
  • No matter if I load the second DLL from an EXE or from inside the first DLL, the second fails.
  • No matter if the first DLL is loaded statically, the second just fails.
  • No matter which is the second DLL to be loaded.
  • I control the source code of the DLLs.
  • There are no external dependencies.
  • It happen with very simple DLLs.
  • GetLastError() returns the 487 error (ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS).
  • It only happens with DLLs generated with FPC.

There is something I'm missing and I can't figure it out.


ANSWER: ok I found my problem, I had the -WN command line switch in my fp.cfg file

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I presume you're calling a wrapper for Win32 LoadLibrary().

You should be able to invoke multiple different .dll's without problem.

SUGGESTION: Check GetLastError and see what the error code was


  • Maybe it's something about that particular .dll, or the way you're using it.

  • Run the "depends" tool on your .exe, your .dll's, and any .dll you load dynamically. Make sure all dependencies are resolved.

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thanks for your answer, I updated the question with more info – ernest Jul 8 '11 at 3:49

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