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Hiya guys heres my question:

im using mootools and im using this demo-> Drag.Move!

everything works fine but i want to drop the item and modify the draggable items css position to that of the droppable item, just cant get the droppagble items stats i dont know how :S here is where the code goes of when i drop the item:

    onDrop: function(element, droppable){
      if (droppable) droppable.setStyle('background', '#C17878');

thats how to set them but i want something like this:

    onDrop: function(element, droppable){
      if (droppable) {
                    element.left = droppable.left;  
                    element.top = droppable.top;  

any help would be great!

ty in advance!



    onDrop: function(element, droppable){
      if (droppable) 
        var snap_left = droppable.getStyle('left');
        var snap_top = droppable.getStyle('top');
        element.setStyle('left', snap_left );
        element.setStyle('top', snap_top );

this worked for me in the end! hope it helps someone else!

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Put the 'solved' part as an answer and mark it as accepted ;) –  stecb Jul 8 '11 at 6:06

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You probably could do it in one line, with getStyles/setStyles instead of getStyle/setStyle.

onDrop: function(element, droppable){
  if (droppable) element.setStyles(droppable.getStyles('left', 'top'));
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great thanx that works great and looks 1000 times better :D –  Thaiscorpion Jul 8 '11 at 14:47

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